The Rockies

Blackrock Hurling Club is synonymous with the local community. It is an inclusive, democratic organisation and everyone is welcome to join. The club is rich in history and achievements on the sporting field and is primarily a sporting organisation, however, it goes beyond the simple provision of a sporting outlet for the community. The personal development of all its youngsters is an important goal of the club through commitment, personal dedication and discipline. The club provides the youth of the community a chance to develop in a positive sporting environment while learning the values of teamwork and developing their social skills – A safe place to enjoy sports and make friends.

Beyond the youth of the club, Blackrock Hurling Club helps to create a sense of local identity and is an important social outlet for many of its members and players as well as a source of enjoyment for its many supporters.

On the field, Blackrock Hurling Club has had a famous past, and it is hoped that we can continue this success into the future. The development of young players and the provision of top class facilities are vital in the pursuit of this goal.

Membership subscriptions are an important part of ensuring the club’s continued success and development. Whether you are a player, coach, supporter, parent of player or member of the wider Blackrock community we welcome all new members.