Code of Behaviour


Blackrock National Hurling Club are fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of all club officials, officers, members, mentors and players. Every individual in the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for their rights, safety and welfare, and conduct themselves in a way that reflects the principles of the club.


Blackrock National Hurling Club believes that parents should:

  • Be a role model for your child and maintain the highest standards of conduct when interacting with young people, other parents, officials and organisers. Commit to core values of the game; respect, inclusivity and integrity.
  • Always behave responsibly and do not seek to unfairly affect the outcome of a game, a player or the opponent. Do not enter the field of play unless specifically invited to do so by an official in charge.
  • Never intentionally expose any young participant to embarrassment or disparagement by the use of flippant or sarcastic remarks. Be realistic in your expectations. Show approval for effort, not just results. Do not criticise playing performances, identify how improvements may be made.
  • Always recognise the value and importance of the officials and volunteers who provide sporting and recreational opportunities for your child. Do not publicly question their judgement or honesty. Respect Children’s Officers, Designated Persons, Coaches, Mentors, Match Officials and other players, both from Blackrock National Hurling Club and from opposing teams.
  • Encourage your child to always play by the rules. Teach your child that honest endeavour is as important as winning and do all you can to encourage good sportsmanship. Encourage your child to appreciate everybody on their team, regardless of ability.
  • Set a good example by applauding good play on both sides. Encourage mutual respect for team mates and opponents. Show approval whether the team wins, loses or draws a game.
  • Support all efforts to remove abusive behaviour and bullying behaviour in all its forms, and never demonstrate threatening or abusive behaviour or use foul language yourself.
  • Ensure that your child punctually attends coaching sessions/games or other activities.
  • Ensure that the nutrition/hydration and hygiene needs of your child are met.
  • Never encourage your child to consume non-prescribed drugs or take performance enhancing supplements.
  • Listen to what your child may have to say.
  • Never attempt to meet your own needs and aspirations for success and achievement through your children’s participation in games.
  • Never enter team dressing rooms unless deemed necessary by the team coach so as to protect the privacy of other underage players.




Blackrock National Hurling Club wants to provide the best possible environment for all young people involved in hurling. Young people deserve to be given enjoyable, safe, sporting opportunities, free of abuse of any kind. These participants have rights, which must be respected, and responsibilities that they must accept. Young people should be encouraged to realise that they have responsibilities to treat other participants and sports leaders with fairness and respect.

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to explain and enforce

this code of behaviour with their own children.


Young Players should:

  • Always commit to core values of the game; respect, inclusivity and integrity, and behave in a manner that avoids bringing hurling in any way into disrepute.
  • Always represent your team, your Club and your family with pride and dignity.
  • Always treat sports leaders with respect (including administrators, coaches, mentors, match officials, children’s officers, club officials, etc).
  • Always look out for yourself and the welfare of others. Know that it is acceptable to talk to the Club Children’s Officer with any concerns or questions you may have. Tell somebody if you or others have been harmed in any way.
  • Always play fairly, do your best and enjoy yourself.
  • Never play or train if you feel unwell or are injured. Come off the field of play if injured, sick, or suspected of being concussed.
  • Never consume non-prescribed drugs or performance enhancing supplements.
  • Always be organised and on time, tell someone if you are leaving a venue or competition.
  • Always respect fellow team members regardless of ability, cultural or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. Support fellow team members regardless of whether they do well or not.
  • Never discriminate against other players on the basis of disability, social class, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Never use unacceptable language or racial and/or sectarian references to an opponent, a fellow player or official by words, deeds or gesture.
  • Always respect opponents, be gracious in defeat and modest in victory. Shake hands before and after a game irrespective of the result.
  • Always abide by the rules set down by team managers when travelling to away events. Respect all means of transport, accommodation and facilities that may be provided and remember any damage or breakages will have to be paid for.
  • Never cheat or use violence or physical contact that is not allowed within the rules.
  • Never shout or argue with officials, team mates or opponents.
  • Never harm team members, opponents or their property.
  • Never bully or use bullying tactics to isolate another player or gain advantage.
  • Never keep secrets, especially if they have caused, or could cause, harm.
  • Never tell lies about adults/young people or spread rumours.