Saturday November 12th

@ Carrigtwohill
RED FM S.H. League Final
Blackrock 0-22 v Douglas 0-19

Report:  Roger Ryan

Photos : George Hatchell at this link  Photo Gallery
Following the disappointing loss to the Barrs in the County Final, our Senior Hurlers really picked
themselves up, dusted themselves off and put on a fine display of classy hurling in beating Douglas in the
final of the RED FM Senior Hurling League at Carrigtwohill on Saturday afternoon.
Despite the recent rain, the pitch was in great order and both teams used it to put on a fine display of fast
and competitive hurling.
From the very opening minute it was obvious that our boys meant business and an early point from Kevin
O'Keeffe set us on our way. Douglas replied with a point but Mike O'Halloran and Shane O'Keeffe had us
ahead again with a point each. This put us 2 points ahead 0-03 to 0-01.
2 pointed frees and one from play had Douglas in the lead by 1 point 0-03 to 0-04. Tadhg Deasy levelled
it for us and Alan Connolly edged us ahead with a great point 0-05 to 0-04.
Douglas levelled again but parity was short lived as Robbie Cotter and Daniel Meaney pushed us ahead
with a point each to leave the score at Rockies 0-07, Douglas 0-05.
With 15 minutes on the clock, Douglas reduced the lead by a point 0-07 to 0-06 and then levelled with a
converted free 0-07 to 0-07.
At this stage our boys really blossomed and a point each by Kevin O'Keeffe, Alan Connolly (F), Shane
O'Keeffe, Niall Cashman, Kevin again, Cathal Cormack and Mark O'Keeffe had us ahead by double
scores 0-14 to 0-07 with half time fast approaching. Douglas did have the last say with a point to reduce
our lead to 6 points, before both sides trooped off for a well earned break.
It was interesting to note that while Douglas were very much dependant on Shane Kingston for their
scores, no less than 10 of our players had scored in this half, and two of those came from our half-backs
Cathal Cormack and Niall Cashman. Half-time score Rockies 0-14 Douglas 0-08. Douglas were first out
for the second half and looked in a very determined mood. John O'Sullivan made an appearance for the
second half for us.
Douglas were first to score, but Alan Connolly with a free put us back to 6 points ahead at 0-15 to 0-09.
Douglas, hurling with much greater purpose now, scored 2 points on the trot to leave just 4 points
between us 0-15 to 0-11.
Alan Connolly pointed a free to push us 5 points ahead, but Douglas with 2 on the trot reduced out lead to
just 3 points 0-16 to 0-13.
Mike O'Halloran and Alan Connolly replied with a point each to push us 5 ahead again 0-18 to 0-13.
Douglas then struck for 2 points before Alan Connolly had a point for us to put us 4 ahead 0-19 to 0-15 as
the clock read that 15 minutes had elapsed.
Douglas with a free brought it back again to a 3 point lead. This then became 4 points as Alan Connolly
converted a free 0-20 to 0-16.
David O'Farrell entered the fray at this stage and Niall Cashman scored one of his trademark points to
push us 5 ahead again. Ciaran Cormack made his appearance at this stage and forced a great save from
the Douglas goalie Donal Maher, when the sliothar seemed destined for the back of the net. Gary
Norberg then trotted out and took his place in the full-back line.

Douglas then came with a flurry and with a point from play and 2 from frees, had our lead back to a
dangerous 2 points 0-21 to 0-19. We were in injury time now and just to make things certain, Alan
Connolly pointed a free to push us 3 points ahead 0-22 to 0-19 before the referee called full-time, and
ensured that the Conroy Cup would return again to the Rockies after an absence of 2 years. We last won

it in 2019. This victory was a well-deserved ending for our gallant team and hopefully will prove to be a
launching pad towards even greater victories next year.
This was a great team effort by all concerned and every man played his part. Gavin Connolly in goad
kept a clean sheet and he was shielded by Conor O'Brien, Alan O'Callaghan and Stephen Murphy. Our
half-backs of Cathal Cormack, John Cashman and Nial Cashman proved to be the bulwark of our
defence. They not only repulsed attacks from the Douglas forwards when they appeared to be getting the
upper hand, they also managed to score 3 points, Niall 2 and Cathal 1. Daniel Meany and Kevin O'Keeffe
ruled the centre and all of our forwards were in attack mode from the throw-in and each of them
contributed handsomely to the total score.
All said and done it was a most satisfactory conclusion to the year and we look forward with optimism to
next year.

Alan Connolly 0-08 (06F)
Kevin O'Keeffe 0-03
Shane O'Keeffe 0-02
Mike O'Halloran 0-02
Niall Cashman 0-02
Tadhg Deasy 0-01
Robbie Cotter 0-01
Daniel Meaneey 0-01
Cathal Cormack 0-01
Mark O'Keeffe 0-01

Gavin Connolly, Conor O'Brien, Alan O'Callaghan, Stephen Murphy, Cathal Cormack, John Cashman
(JC), Niall Cashman, Daniel Meaney, Kevin O'Keeffe, Mark O'Keeffe, Tadhg Deasy, Michael O'Halloran,
Robbie Cotter, Shane O'Keeffe (JC), Alan Connolly.
Subs used:
John O'Sullivan, David O'Farrell, Ciaran Cormack, Gary Norberg.
Referee: Niall O'Neill, Midleton.