Intermediate Hurling Championship (A )
Sat. Sept. 2nd.2023

Blackrock 3 – 17 V Kildorrery 1 – 21 @ Glantane.

Report:  Roger Ryan

The old adage, Goals Win Games, was certainly in evidence at sun-drenched Glantane on Saturday afternoon as our Intermediate Hurlers overcame a strong challenge from Kildorrery to emerge victorious by 2 points, having scored 3 goals in reply to their solo effort, the final score being Rockies 3 – 17, Kildorrery 1 - 21. This was top-drawer stuff, played in brilliant sunshine with the outcome in doubt right up to the final whistle. Eoin O'Farrell with 2 converted frees and 1 point from play, had us 3 points ahead before Kildorrery registered their first point. Eoin with his fourth point restored our 3 points lead at 0 –04 to 0 – 01. Kildorrery then struck back for the next 3 points to level the scores at 0 – 04 each on the 15th minute, Fionn Coleman then scored his first goal to push us ahead again, 1 – 04 to 0 – 04. A Kildorrery point was quickly answered by another goal from Fionn on the 23rd minute to leave the score now at Rockies 2 – 04, Kildorrery 0 – 05. A Kildorrery point was equalled by Richie Laide to leave it at n2 – 05 to 0 – 06. Kildorrery tacked on the next 3 points to leave the score at 2 – 05 to 0 – 09 as the Ref blew for half-time. 

Kildorrery were first off the mark with a point as we resumed play, but Fionn Coleman and David O'Farrell added a point each for us to put us ahead again by 3 points, 2 – 07 to 0 – 10. Our lead was short-lived however as Kildorrery got through for a goal to reach parity once more on a score of Rockies 2 – 07, Kildorrery 1 – 10. Fionn pushed us ahead again with a point but Kildorrery hit back for the next 2 points to forge ahead by a point in the 40th minute, 2 – 08 to 1 – 12. Ryan Sweeney with a sweet point levelled the score yet again before Eoin scored the next 2 points to push us ahead again by 2 points, 2 – 11 to 1 – 12. Kildorrery replied with the next 2 points to draw level again, 2 – 11 to 1 – 14. Ryan Sweeney was again on target to push us ahead with the next point before Kildorrery struck back with a levelling point, 2 – 12 to 1 – 15. Our selectors introduced Tom Grainger and Conor O'Brien at this stage of the game. Kildorrery took the lead with the next point but this was quickly answered by Tom Grainger to level matters yet again at 2 – 13 to 1 – 16. Things only got better for Kildorrery as they pushed for the finish line with 2 points to forge a lead of 2 points, 2 – 13 to 1 – 18. The big money had now shifted to Kildorrery as they were playing with great assurance and looked likely to see the game out. Their joy was short-lived however as Fionn Coleman gathered a ball way out on the wing, fought his way along the end line and unleashed a an unstoppable shot to the back of the net for his hat-trick and a lead of 1 point for us at Rockies 3 – 13, Kildorrery 1 – 18. Ger O' Regan then made an appearance for us with the clock reading 5 minutes plus stoppage time remaining. Kildorrery then levelled once more with a point, 3 – 13 to 1 – 19, but David O'Farrell and Fionn Coleman tacked on a point each to push us ahead by 2 points, 3 – 15 to 1 – 19. Kildorrery halved that slender lead with their next point. With the score now at 3 – 15 to 1 – 20, both teams strove might and main for victory with time running out. Eoin O'Farrell restored our 2 points lead 3 – 16 to 1 – 20 but Kildorrery weren't quite finished yet and struck for a long-range point, 3 – 16 to 1 – 21. The honour of closing out the scoring went to Tom Grainger with a beauty of a point to push us ahead by 2 points, 3 – 17 to 1 – 21. A final push for a winning goal by Kildorrerey was repulsed by our hard-working backline and the Ref then decided to call it a day to the relief and joy of all Rockies players and spectators with the board showing us winners by 2 points. Final score was Rockies 3 – 17, Kildorrery 1 – 21.

This was as tough a contest as any that our boys have endured all year and they came through it with flying colours. Both teams deserve great credit for serving up a superb game when you consider how warm it was. 

Scorers: Fionn Coleman 3 – 03, Eoin O'Farrell 0 – 07(05f), David O'Farrell 0 – 02, Ryan Sweeney 0 – 02, Tom Grainger 0 – 02, Richie Laide 0 – 01.

Team: Ross Browne, Joe Golden, Gary Norberg, Jamie Ryan, Eoin Smith, Luke O'Donovan, Elliot Cantwell, Sean Healy, Richie Laide, David O'Farrell, Ian O'Keeffe, Eoin O'Farrell, Ryan Sweeney, John O'Sullivan, Fionn Coleman. Subs Used: Tom Grainger, Conor O'Brien, Ger O'Regan.

Ref: Pa O'Driscoll, Bride Rovers.